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PartnerWith Us

We make more possible with partners who engage in our mission as advocates, co-creators, storytellers, and supporters. Join us as we shift the system to make more spaces to dream.

Support Our Work

Real estate takes an enormous amount of patient capital. We do the work to really consider the long-term health and viability of our projects.

While CAST is blazing an innovative trail with new ways of securing and financing buildings, there are multi-million upfront costs to acquire those spaces. Through your contributions, we can provide programming and space rentals at truly affordable rates.

Become a core investment partner

With your support, we can continue to seek innovative solutions to work towards a future where artists and cultural workers can remain anchored where they create.

Make a donation

A one-time or monthly contribution can help immediately fund CAST’s vital community engagement efforts, including artist honorariums, rental subsidies, and facilitation tools to support our Dreaming Spaces programming.

3rd floor at 447 Minna before construction, 2018.

447 Minna artist-in-residence Adrian Arias.

Geneva Car Barn during construction, June 2019.

The completed Geneva Powerhouse after renovations, September 2022.

San Francisco artist Malik Seneferu at the Tarot in Pandemic & Revolution exhibition preview, March 2023. Photo by Mogli Maureal

447 Minna artist-in-residence Mattie Loyce (left) with artist Yarrow Lazer-Smith. Film stills courtesy of Mattie Loyce. Cinematographer Soulthuggin Studios; Location: Void Meta Space.

The Illusion Show, March 2023. Photo by Mogli Maureal

Co-Create with CAST

Looking for a venue or a thought partner to sort through the details of your next big idea? CAST collaborates with artists and organizations to co-create events, helping to make dreams a reality. At 447 Minna, we can fill the gaps to assist with logistics and amplify your program to make that creative leap.

Pitch Your Idea