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Designing spaces with artists, culture bearers, and creatives at the center to envision and build change for the future.

Dreaming Spaces is a community engagement practice used to enter into community, build relationships and partnerships, and identify the needs and dreams that are artist-led, place-based, and that strengthen the capacity and agency of our partners in securing spaces for creative place making, keeping, and belonging.

Through a series of design sessions, we explored how artists, cultural workers, and community residents could dream together to create a cultural hub at 447 Minna that meets the collective needs and desires of the SoMa neighborhood and community. Lessons learned from Dreaming Spaces informs CAST’s work in future real estate projects to ensure that our process of place keeping always centers the voices of art and culture in community life.

Learn more about the program from the artists, cultural workers, residents, and community advocates who participated in our Dreaming Spaces San Francisco Steering Committee in 2022.

Funding for Dreaming Spaces San Francisco is provided by the San Francisco Arts Commission