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A Special Message from CAST’s Outgoing CEO Moy Eng

Photo by Mogli Maureal

Founding CEO Moy Eng on why she is leaving CAST and what’s next

Picture me, ten years ago. I had finished my extraordinary time at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. (Thank you, Paul Brest and John Orders!) The natural next step would have been to lead another foundation arts and culture program or a foundation. Instead, I got a call from a friend that took me in a different direction. She wondered if I might be interested in a brand new venture. One that would focus on securing cultural spaces in perpetuity, for and with the community!

That was…irresistible. On June 1, 2014, I signed onto a dream called Community Arts Stabilization Trust. It was an ideal setup: a stellar founding board, $5 million, its first two projects to test the idea, and clear, urgent need, amidst a surge of artist displacement. The challenge: raise $30 million in 3 years and bring that dream to life.

Fast forward to now. I’m again changing directions, and about to start a new dream. One of love and possibility.

I’m returning home to the East Coast to take my role with my siblings to care for our mother. It’s time, before our final goodbyes. After working for many years in service to artists, I am excited to have more time to write and make music, and to consult on new ventures.

There are so very many people to thank at this moment. First, the extraordinary past and present CAST staff who make with a collaborative heart all of what is seen at CAST. Secondly, my heartfelt thanks to our board of directors, especially Shelley Trott, who I’ve gratefully leaned on for her keen intelligence, vision, dedication, gentle good humor, and stalwart belief in this idea called CAST throughout all nine years. I’m deeply grateful for the many donors, investors and public and private sector leaders with whom we have collaborated for their belief and generous support. I’m appreciative to all those in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Seattle, Austin, Toronto, Vancouver, London, Paris/St. Denis, and Sydney, and more…all of whom have thrown their ideas, words, actions, money, and support for CAST, and I for their initiatives.

And last but not least, to the many artists and cultural workers I’ve worked with at CAST, it is your curiosity and created beauty that is at the center of the “why” to my efforts and to CAST’s.

I have learned so much from each and every one of you and thank you.

Until we meet again.

Moy Eng, Founding CEO

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