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Artist and Arts Group Impact Survey

On July 31, Community Arts Stabilization Trust released the COVID-19 Impact Survey results which collected data on the early economic and physical space impacts on the local Bay Area arts sector resulting from the pandemic. The results reveal severe financial, operational, programmatic, and socioeconomic impacts across the sector.  

Results Summary

The CAST Artist and Arts Group Impact Survey was distributed to local Bay Area artists and arts groups through multiple stakeholder communication vehicles and CAST’s social media channels and mailing list. The survey engaged 91 organizations and 38 individual artists representing over 15 Bay Area cities across all seven Bay Area counties.

Staff reviewed national, state, and local surveys to inform the design of the 6-minute, 22-question survey, which included both multiple-choice and optional open-ended questions. Responses represented estimated impacts from April 10 – May 18. The data will help inform CAST’s real estate strategies for a physically-distanced way-of-life on current projects, projects in the pipeline, and new opportunities.

“The survey results are highly sobering. CAST was created as a nonprofit to address the existing affordability crisis experienced by the artists and arts groups of the Bay Area region. COVID-19 has only accelerated the potential displacement of the region’s artists and culture bearers, cultural assets, and venues that attract us to the Bay Area and make us proud to be Bay Area residents.” 
-Moy Eng, CAST Chief Executive Officer

See the official press release here.



Key Findings

  • Nearly all small to large budget organizations and individual artists reported significant revenue loss between March 16 and May 18.
  • Both organizations and individual artists are at risk of displacement (losing their commercial or residential spaces) over the next 1-6 months starting from May 18. 
  • Organizations that serve the African American and Latinx communities are the most financially impacted by the pandemic and at risk of displacement.
  • In spite of the pandemic, arts organizations, artists, and arts workers continue to play a vital role in supporting their communities and neighborhoods and providing essential services. 


Please attribute survey data to CAST:
  • Publisher: Community Arts Stabilization Trust. Publication date: July 31, 2020.
  • For more information, please contact CAST at




Town Halls

CAST staff held two town halls for a community discussion on the future of arts and culture spaces. The town halls were be free and open to the public. The September 8 Town Hall focused on Oakland, and the September 11 Town Hall focused on San Francisco.



1. Welcome
2. Resource Share from Guest Speakers
3. Artist Discussion on the Future of Arts & Culture Spaces in the time of COVID-19
4. Close


Prompts for discussion:

  • What is your primary concern in relation to space at the moment?
  • What financial and technical resources have been helpful for your organization or your creative work?
  • How have you been pivoting and adjusting during these times?
  • How should we evolve to become more resilient in the future?

Guest Speakers


June Grant

blink!LAB architecture, Bio

Roberto Bedoya

City of Oakland, Bio

Amanda Bornstein

Community Vision, Bio

Aneeka Chaudhry

Alameda County, Bio

Zakiya Harris

Cultural Architect, Bio

Josh Simon

East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation (EBALDC), Bio

Rob Bonta

California State Assembly, 18th District, Bio


San Francisco:

Ernesto Vilchis

Community VisionBio

Karoleen Feng

Mission Economic Development Agency, Bio

Erika Gee

Chinatown Community Development Center, Bio

Deborah Cullinan

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Bio

Joanne Lee

San Francisco Arts Commission, Bio

Lex Leifheit

Office of Economic & Workforce Development, Bio




Resources & Recordings

Real Estate
  • Community Vision 45-minute consultations to discuss financial and/or real estate issues you are facing, as related to COVID-19
  • Spaces for Good budget templates, scenario planning and risk assessment templates
  • Community Vision Nonprofit Real Estate Readiness 3-Part Webinar
  • Oakland Black Business Fund and Community Vision Renegotiating Leases webinar recording 
  • Tips for lease renegotiation from Community Vision


Financial and Business Assistance
Reopening and Public Health
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Zoom Chat


San Francisco

Zoom Chat



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