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CAST models new ways to secure and steward affordable, inclusive spaces for creative and cultural expression.

We are building a new paradigm in real estate — a better system that recognizes the essential role of arts and culture in communities and creates a long-term engine for ensuring artists and cultural workers can stay anchored where they create.

Our programs and services have helped arts and cultural organizations build pathways to ownership, enabled artists to secure long-term affordable leases, and created dedicated spaces for cultural connection and exchange.

How does one get started?

There are three main avenues to access CAST:

Trevor Parham

Founder & Director


CAST has been critical in helping Oakstop purchase our original building in downtown Oakland. Their partnership has included access to patient capital, support with financial modeling, guidance through the development process, and even connections to other partners and clients. Their model offers a needed approach that should be replicated throughout California and to other cities across the country.

Featured Programs

San Francisco / SOMA

Dreaming Spaces

Dreaming Spaces is a community engagement practice used to enter into community, build relationships and partnerships, and identify the needs and dreams that are artist-led, place-based, and that strengthen the capacity and agency of our partners in securing spaces for creative place making, keeping, and belonging.


Cultural Space Ambassadors

A body of artists and cultural workers influencing how cultural space is preserved in Oakland by leveraging existing community knowledge to cultivate a thriving arts sector. The CSAs serve as a channel for CAST to stay connected to the many community organizations across the neighborhoods in which we work.
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Real Estate Solutions

We build a bridge between arts and culture and real estate.

CAST provides a rare artist’s perspective on real estate, bringing a creative and community-centered perspective to the real estate world. We support our partners to take on projects that require additional capacity, providing experience, financial resources, and partnership to achieve their goals.

Explore Our Real Estate Solutions
Activation and Space Rentals

We know that not every arts group wants to own or is in a position to manage a building. We hold the “container” so artists and cultural organizations can focus on bringing valuable programs to the community, whether it’s a short-term use for rehearsals, screenings, or exhibitions, a quick access point for a workshop or meeting, or a pop-up that helps grow a small business.

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Ready to visit or host your event at CAST? Here are some things to know before getting started.

Yes! Before we can schedule that, please submit an Event Request Form to tell us about your activity and how we can support. Send that with your proposed availability to and our staff will be in touch to set up a time.

As a multidisciplinary space, we welcome all arts and culture uses from around the Bay Area, especially those with ties to the SoMa neighborhood and/or are located in zip codes that directly impact the immediate community.

These include: 94103, 94110, 94112, 94124, and 94134

In addition to our lowest “neighborhood” rate, we offer a discounted “non-profit” rate which makes up our next pricing tier. There are three levels available (from lowest to highest): neighborhood, non-profit, and standard. View the pricing split here.

At the moment, we’re focused on supporting Bay Area artist communities and organizations experiencing challenges in space affordability or displacement. There is no application process, but to be considered a potential partner, CAST looks for the following:

  • Arts and Culture partners who have deep investments in their immediate community or specific neighborhoods
  • Promising creative start-ups
  • Women & BIPOC-led arts and cultural organizations

It’s about understanding the priorities and needs of the artists or nonprofits who need our support, assessing what is needed financially, and then developing a solution that fits where they’re at, organizationally.

Photo (Top): 447 Minna artist-in-residence Sean Coughlin

(Bottom): Music band Skip The Needle

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