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Giving Tuesday Gratitude

PUSH Dance Company performs during their "Sweet 16 Sixteen" fundraiser in front of the 447 Minna building.

L to R: 2021 CSA Ambassadors Melanie Wofford, Hiroko Kurihara, Leslie Lopez, CAST Director of Engagement Tyese Wortham, and Chi Chi Okonmah.

On this #GivingTuesday, we’re not asking you to give to CAST.

Instead, we’re taking this moment to GIVE THANKS – to show appreciation to all the artists and cultural workers that make our work worthwhile.

CAST lives to create permanent, affordable spaces. But our spaces are only as great as the artists, cultural workers, and creative entrepreneurs leading the visionary programs within.

After another whirlwind of a year, we are truly grateful for all the passionate folx who have touched CAST in some way. Especially these partners, whose active collaboration, bold innovation, and enduring promotion of the arts make us proud to be in their company:

Luggage Store Gallery
Performing Arts Workshop
✨ Cultural Strategists + CSA alums Chi Chi Okonmah & Elena Serrano for their work guiding #dreamingspaces
✨ 2021 Cultural Space Ambassadors Cohort – Binta Ayofemi, Janeen Antoine, Melecio Estrella, Hiroko Kurihara, Leslie Lopez, Carolina Morones, & Melanie Wofford
Bindlestiff Studio
Kultivate Labs
Women’s Audio Mission
PUSH Dance
Black Cultural Zone #akomamarket
Oakstop #oakstopalliance
✨ Bosko Kante (BME Incubator)

PUSH Dance Company performs during their “Sweet 16 Sixteen” fundraiser in front of the 447 Minna building.

We THANK YOU for all the ways you’ve helped us build community, informed the exchange for addressing space needs, and inspired us to develop arts spaces with equity and without displacement.

Our gratitude extends beyond Thanksgiving as we take in our new home at 447 Minna, a beautiful building that is a living testament to our belief that stable, affordable spaces are vital for arts and culture to thrive. We feel so fortunate now to not only call ourselves owners of our own space, but to also provide that site as one for creative convergence and to be the future home for other arts groups in #SoMa.

To everyone who’s been part of CAST’s journey, we wouldn’t be here without ALL of you—our Board of Directors, funders, city partners, policymakers, development partners, and institutional supporters who have propelled us to this place, you know who you are!

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